Brick and Mortar Resilience Awards

It’s been a tough year for brick and mortar operators.

The unexpected global pandemic took us all by surprise and overnight, business as we knew it completely changed. The customers that used to frequent our locations were ordered to stay inside and the government ordered many of us to close our doors.

But through these hard times, business owners and their teams have found ways to adapt to change and keep their business going. Powered by grit, resilience, and creative thinking, they’ve made it through COVID.

We wanted to celebrate these businesses and today, we’re pleased to announce our Brick and Mortar Resilience Awards

Here’s how it works:

From June 19th - July 31st, businesses can be nominated by filling out the application form below. If you know of a business that should be included, please forward this link to them. There is no fee to participate. On August 6th, we will announce our 10 winners. Winners will receive one ScreenRay device, 1 year of free service and a TV ($2500 value). They will also have their stories told on our Brick and Mortar Reborn Podcast hosted by our CEO Bobby Marhamat. And last, they will receive a custom plaque to hang in their office and as a reminder for what their business made it through.

Want to win? Apply below!