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Stay current. Stay synced. Stay safe.

Trabon’s MenuNet for Raydiant helps you manage and deploy eye-catching, brand approved versioned menus to digital signage in your restaurants.

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Update, change, and schedule items with ease

With cloud-based access to Raydiant’s platform, you can update menus instantly from anywhere with an internet connection. Any changes you make will be synced automatically to your entire network, both online and in-person. Got a new promotion or seasonal menu coming down the line? The MenuNet platform gives you the ability to work on future menu updates ahead of time so you can prepare for national menu updates.

Keep customers, employees safe and updated

These days it’s important to post clear information about your restaurant’s safety protocols, whether required by law or simply in the best interests of your customers and employees. With Raydiant, you can create and deploy safety signage in minutes. Stay current up to the minute, no matter how fast circumstances or regulations change.

Create high visibility contactless menus

The need for highly visible, easy-to-read contactless menus is greater and more immediate than ever before. Trabon’s menu management software, MenuNet, helps you create digital menus for your restaurants and keep them synced with your online, print and digital menus. Raydiant gives you the ability to display those menus in brilliant, high-contrast HD, ensuring your customers can read them from a safe distance.

Tempt them with enticing visuals

Whether it’s a lush green salad, a juicy burger piled high with toppings, or a sizzling steak with just the right amount of seasoning and sear, nothing gets restaurant-goers more in the mood than beautiful images of mouth-watering food. MenuNet incorporates your brand visuals and layouts into your digital menus. Raydiant helps you display them in all their gorgeous HD glory. Your customers won’t be able to resist.

Trabon has been helping restaurants since 1950 with innovative menu management solutions. Now, with the 24/7 remote accessibility of Raydiant’s cloud-based experience platform and its highly visible HD displays, Trabon and Raydiant are here to help you adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.